5 Common MacBook Pro Wifi Problems and How to Fix Them

5 Common MacBook Pro Wifi Problems and How to Fix Them

The use of MacBooks is mostly dependent on the use of Wifi as they are not as advanced as our smartphones to allow wireless data capability. When a MacBook is not able to connect to the Wifi as it should, the experience can be nerve-wracking especially if you are not sure how to solve the issue at hand.

Here are some of the most common MacBook Pro Wifi problems and how you can have them sorted:

Interference with the physical router

This is brought about by having the router’s electronic waves blocked by items you have placed in its way such as filing cabinets. The interference can also result from being too far from the physical router.

Solution: Ensure that nothing is blocking the Wifi router by removing everything in its way that may have hindered its smooth working. If you are sitting very far away from the router, change your position and move to a place closer to the router.

Router failure or that of your MacBook Pro

If your Wifi is strategically located and there is no reason why it should not be working, the reason could be that there is an error that may have occurred.

Solution: Disconnect the Wifi router and ensure that every light has been turned off and then click on the restart button on your MacBook Pro. After restarting the MacBook, you will then turn the Wifi router on and wait until all the lights are on, and then turn the MacBooks Wifi on so that it can connect the Wifi.

Interference with a neighboring router

It is possible that the working of your router is being hindered by a neighbor’s router or even a microwave.

Solution: Check the IP address of your router, copy it on the browser’s address bar and then press enter to get access to the router’s settings. On the displayed channels, choose the one that is 5 or 7 steps from what you were originally using. Using wireless diagnostics check the one that has the best effect on your signal and settle for it.

Spotty Wifi connectivity

If you find that you are able to connect to the wifi but the connection seems too weak, it is possible that you are sitting too far from the router.

Solution: Change your position and move closer to the router

Slow Wifi connection

If you are experiencing a slow connectivity, it is possible that there is another person who is interfering with your bandwidth. It is also possible that one of your background programs is the cause of the slow connection.


Carry out a scan by use of Advanced Network Care which will help to know what is causing the problem and then act according to the diagnosis.

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